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What's in Your Palette?

Have you bought paints that you loved in the store but haven't used? Do you puzzle over paint names, whether to use Indanthrone or Indigo? Are you overwhelmed by too many paint choices?  You are not alone, but we have solutions!

In this workshop, Leslie teaches you to identify six attributes of the paints you already own and how they apply to your work. Test your paints while developing a beautiful and useful resource book to keep track of your discoveries.  Additionally, you'll learn helpful strategies for future paint purchases. Discovering solutions is good, but it is so much more fun to find them with others.   Please join us.

Date:  Friday, September 25, 2020

Time:  9 am to 12 pm

Instructor: Leslie McCrea

Tuition: $89

Materials:  $20 payable the day of class

Location:  Jana L. Bussanich Artist Studio

     218 W. Colorado Ave, Suite 1111

     Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    (Parking under the Colorado Avenue Bridge)  map here